Gallo Consultants has been specializing in full interior and architectural design and building services since 2003 and has earned a reputation for ingenuity, true personalization and attention to detail.


We design memorable spaces that leave a lasting impression. Through effective communication and professional collaboration, we’ll transform your points of inspiration into a curated mix of exquisite textiles, elegant furnishings and rich colour palettes that all carry your unique touch.

Our Principles

Gallo Design Consultants cultivates creative design solutions with an emphasis on balance and symmetry. We interpret our client's unique wishes and help them navigate the exciting steps to building their dream residential or commercial space, delivering first-class customer care in all aspects of architectural and interior design, renovation and project management. With an experienced network of professional architects and designers who are superbly skilled at collaborating with clients and contractors, we take pride in creating customized spaces that are both functional and beautiful for our valued clientele.


We guarantee that the final product will showcase superior craftsmanship and modern luxury while still providing you with the traditional comforts that give you peace of mind.